What's In My Bag

We can start with the essentials and then work our way in for a VERY original and VERY unique installment of “what’s in my bag! But seriously, I get a lot of questions about the gear I use so I figured it was time to share. First off, my main camera is the Sony A7iii and this thing is an absolute beast! Does everything I need for photo and video all in one compact camera body. Before this, I was on a Canon 6D and although the transition was slightly difficult/annoying, I am so glad I did! Can’t imagine life without my A7iii now.


Paired up with the A7iii is my 16-35mm G Master f/2.8 lens. Now, I know this lens is extremely expensive and most people would go for the lighter, much cheaper Zeiss 16-35mm f/4, but the aperture at 4 just doesn’t do it for me after shooting on a 2.8 for nearly 2 years and now it’s impossible to go back. Other than that, I will rent lenses I need or borrow from a friend.


Sony Factory batteries are expensive and mediocre at best so instead, I use the wasabi batteries and I find that these last much longer than the Sony ones. I have been using Wasabi batteries since I started Photography thanks to a friends recommendation and I can honestly say these things surpass the Canon factory batteries as well. Highly recommend if you are on a budget or just like saving money when you can!



Next, we have the bread and butter, the secret sauce, the only way I am able to achieve the color and look I do, and that’s with Tiffen filters. I have various different ND filters for long exposure to get those silky smooth shots as well as graduated filters, but the one filter that stays on my camera 99.9% of the time is my circular polarizer! This powerful little guy enhances the overall scene, eliminates reflections, and uses a high quality ColorCore Glass that allows you to capture absolutely amazing moments that will last you a lifetime. Also, you can adjust the intensity of the filter by spinning it to get the exact look you want, hence "circular." An Absolute must in my opinion!


This one is a no brainer. The DJI Mavic Pro. Not much else to say about this besides buy them cheap while you can! Since the Mavic 2 came out, these things are insanely cheap! I will not be hopping on the bandwagon for the 2 as amazing as it is for one simple reason, it doesn’t have portrait mode. Not very often do I take landscape orientation drone shots and I am not a full time videographer so it just doesn’t make sense. I suspect that they will be coming out with something similar to the 2 with a little less image quality, but can do portrait mode so until that comes, the Mavic Pro is what I will be rockin.



Always, and I mean always attached to my drone is my Sandmarc Pro Series Filters. These are absolutely essential for any drone to get the best quality images and if you want to film during the day, you will need at least at 16ND polarizer, but my favorite is the 32ND. It allows to me to film at the brightest times and gives an insane amount of contrast to the overall image.


I don’t have anything fancy for editing, just my 2015 Mackbook Pro 13” with Retina Display and Adobe Creative Cloud. This computer probably won’t last me much longer so an upgrade will be in my near future, but will definitely be sticking with Mac.

Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at 9.07.36 AM.png

Not too picky about external hard drives. As long as they don’t crash and are durable then it’s all good for me! I currently use the My Passport external hard drive and for the last 2 years it has been perfect!



Something you might not guess would be in my camera bag is my Pixel eyeglasses. These glasses are specifically designed for individuals who spend a large amount of time in front of a screen. So basically everyone in America… When I looked deeper into it, I thought it was a hoax, but after receiving my pair and been using them for the last few months, I can honestly tell you these make the BIGGEST difference! I could tell immediately. Before, spending a few hours editing would destroy my eyes and cause headaches with lots of discomfort, but now, I can easily go 4-6 hours editing with absolutely no eye strain or discomfort whatsoever. Beyond stoked that companies like this exist and everyone should treat themselves to a pair, your eyes deserve it.


Lastly, all of this gear is packed easily and neatly into my Incase Pro Backpack. I am pretty rough on all my gear, especially my bag, but this thing holds up pretty damn well! Aside from a few zipper issues, I’d say this bag is a solid 8/10 and the price is very affordable.


Welp, that does it for this one! If you have any questions about my gear or need recommendations feel free to shoot me an email or message me via Instagram and I’ll be glad to help you out. Thanks for reading; here's a few of my favorite photos all shot using the gear above! Cheers friends. 

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